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How do I send a files?

Add your files by clicking on the + icon, add the email address you want to send it to, add your email address, add a message (optional) and you are ready to go by hitting the send button; the person to whom you sent the files will receive an email with the link to view and download all the files.

How do I download the files?

That is easy! Click the download button or the link in the email you received, select the file you want to download and click the download icon, we will take care of giving you all the files.

Why is my upload slow?

This could be due to slow network connections or large files. But don't worry, if the loading process starts, it could take a few seconds to finish. If you think your file is too big, you can compress it and try loading it again.

What happens if my download link expires?

It sounds like a normal thing. Links created for any file without a PRO account will be available for only 2 days, after that the link and any files connected to it will be removed.

Can I delete my share links?

Unfortunately, only PRO accounts can manage their links.

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